No need to squint, two pink lines!

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One year ago, just like today, I had a morning acupuncture appointment. For as long as I’d been going to acupuncture, I’d take a precautionary pregnancy test if I was near the end of my cycle. I still don’t know how much I believe in acupuncture, but just the month before my acupuncturist literally started my period. So, better safe than sorry, as I wouldn’t want him starting a flow if I was actually pregnant!

May 2, 2017, I did not think I was pregnant. Just the night before I thought I started my period while driving and told Zak, “Hey, remember that I just started my period at 7:30 so we can let the IVF clinic know,” since we were going to try an egg retrieval the next cycle. Actually, we were trying for an egg retrieval that cycle but after two weeks of birth control followed by four Clomid pills and three Gonal-F injections, I only had two follicles developing, so we cancelled the cycle. Zak and I had given up on trying naturally, but on Easter Sunday, my body was acting particularly “ripe,” so we had a fun romp. ONE TIME people. That was all it took.

I was actually running late that morning and almost skipped the pregnancy test since I didn’t think I was pregnant anyway, but I decided not to be lazy and do it anyway. I watched that watermark creep up the test, past the test line and to the control line and saw it was negative and went about getting dressed. When I came back into the bathroom a few minutes later to brush my teeth I checked the test again to perform the ever-hopeful squint and try to imagine seeing a faint line. I barely got my squint going and realized, “OMG there’s a line!” And then I started ugly crying and shaking. Zak was at work but here I was with a surprise pregnancy where I could actually do something cutesy to reveal to him the good news, so I couldn’t call him. I called BFF #1 and she didn’t answer, so I called BFF #2, who also didn’t answer. AHHH! So I got my shit together and went to my appointment.

BFF #2 called back later so I could spill the news. Called the doctor, got a blood test, emailed the IVF doctor, got frozen yogurt, got a healthy glass water bottle for staying hydrated, and went to yoga. It was unreal. I didn’t feed pregnant, but my blood test came back consistent with four weeks pregnant. After three years of trying, it finally happened.


Exactly four weeks pregnant 



Never too early for a bumpie!

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