”Mother of Angels” in the Wild

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I wear an Invisibaby shirt nearly every day because they make me happy.  Today I wore one of the “Mother of Angels” prototypes I made in vinyl before I chose official t-shirt stock and got silk screens.  I went hiking today with my mom and brother up Viejas Mountain in East San Diego County.  I haven’t hiked in two months on account of fertility drugs, an egg retrieval, and working on Invisibaby, and today’s hike darn near killed me.  I huffed and puffed the entire way up the steep, rocky trail.  Beautiful scenery though with lots of yellow, purple, and white wildflowers.  

Anyway, at the summit there was a group of boisterous young guys, very friendly and talkative.  As they left the three of us to recuperate, one of them said “Hey, Mother of Angels!  Aww, you’re all angels.  What does that mean?”  And I just gave him the simple answer, “My baby died.”  The guys paused just for a split second before saying, “Aww, I’m sorry.”  I smiled and said thanks.  This is part of what my shirts are about—being open about pregnancy (and infant) loss and making it more normal to talk about.  This interaction wasn’t awkward and was actually a positive experience.  

On my way home from the hike, covered in dust and salt, I stopped by Trader Joe’s for milk and salads.  I went through the entrance behind a lady who had just grabbed a shopping cart.  She glanced back for a second and then her face lit up.  “Where’d you get your shirt?”  She caught me off guard, but then I smiled and said I make them.  Then she smiled and said, “I have two angels.”  I told her my website since I didn’t have my cards on me (yay for being able to pay with Apple Pay on my watch and being able to ditch the purse).  Experiencing her reaction to the “Mother of Angels” shirt was a proud moment and made me all warm inside.  It’s nice to get a little validation that what I’m trying to do with normalizing pregnancy and infant loss and my t-shirt designs can be a positive thing for mothers like us.  I can’t wait to figure this Shopify thing out and get the shirts up for sale!


Sporting a “Mother of Angels” sample at the top of Viejas Mountain


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